In August 2013, WeatherSure Systems, entered a new era under the ownership of Phil Owens and Barry Hamilton after purchasing the company from the company’s founder, Craig Garey. Although the core business and values of WeatherSure remained unchanged, the new management team embraces cutting edge business practices that add to the value for both customers and employees. 

Phil Owens has assumed the title of President and will be running the day-to-day operations. Having grown up in the roofing business and previously served as National Sales Manager at WeatherSure Systems, he has an extensive background in both the roofing/waterproofing arena and property management, 

Barry Hamilton has extensive experience as a real estate investor, owning and managing over 200,000 sf of Denver area real estate, as well as being founder and president of Red Canyon Engineering, an aerospace firm creating software for NASA, Lockheed Martin and others exploring the final frontier.

Corporate Headquarters

2401 S Delaware St.
Denver, CO 80223

Office 303-781-5454

Fax 303-781-5453

Phil Owens


Mike Garcia
Roof Replacement Superintendent

Joshua Lear
Roofing Repair Sales

Rodney Owens
Roofing Repair Sales


Joe Kline
Waterproofing Project Manager/Sales


Service Department

Ricky Lloyd
Service Account Manager

Cynthia Faunce
Service Manager

Administrative Staff

Andrew Bickhard
Director of Finance

Belinda Reid
Payroll Clerk

Sara Waller
A/R Clerk

Mike Blea
Safety Manager

Ana Gonzales
A/P Clerk

Lorena Urbana
Executive Administrator

Valerie Van Halen
Front Desk Receptionist

Marketing & Business Development

Dave Homerding
Marketing Manager