What's Happening at WeatherSure - December 2011

Thanksgiving  is over and now we’re firmly into the “Holiday Season”-  even the jolliest elf can get a little stressed out this time of year, so don’t forget to slow down and look past the commercialism, enjoy the season for what it really means- or should mean, to you.  And it’s time to say Thank You to all of our customers and employees who’ve made 2011 another successful one for WeatherSure Systems. 

I’m going to take a minute and explain how we go about replacing the roof on a ballasted EPDM roof system. Ballasted EPDM Systems are among the most popular commercial systems of the last 40 years or so, and with good reason.  A ballasted system is a very economical way to cover a big roof, and the vast majority of warehouses, “big box” stores and the like feature ballasted EPDM systems. Insulation boards are loose laid directly on the structural deck, the EPDM membrane is unrolled over the insulation, utilizing the largest sheets possible, in some cases 200’ x 50’, and round river rock is spread to hold the assembly in place. The walls and rooftop units are flashed and that’s about it.

The great news for building owners is that a couple decades down the road, when it’s time for a new roof, the simplicity and economy are still there. WeatherSure Systems has perfected a technique known as the “ballast swap out." Our technicians start at one end of the building, removing ballast on a section of a size that can be completed that day, rolling up and removing the old membrane, then reballasting and completing the flashing details- re-using the insulation whenever possible, only replacing insulation that is wet or has been damaged. 

It’s simple, it’s “green”, inexpensive, and most of the time it’s the best choice for owners with an existing ballasted EPDM roof. 






Happy Holidays from everyone at WeatherSure.

Let’s have a great 2012 together!