WeatherSure and the Denver Metro BOMA Toy and Gift Drive

Photo Courtesy: www.trustedphoto.comHard to believe 2013 is only a few weeks away-  so far, winter has yet to really make an impact in Colorado, and in fact, Monarch Ski area, which relies completely on natural snow, is opening very late this year, December 14th.  Many building owners and managers are taking advantage of the mild weather to have those roof and waterproofing projects done before year end- and many folks are finding a little extra money in their budgets for small projects, since they haven’t spent much on things like snow removal- so far, anyway.  The most predictable thing about Colorado weather is unpredictability; we were having a record breaking dry winter in 2002-2003, until mid March when we received one of the biggest snow storms in Denver history, dumping over 5 feet of snow at my home in the Foothills.  Another event that many building owners may not be aware of is the upcoming adoption of updated building codes, which means that projects that go under contract after New Year’s may require significantly more insulation to meet these more stringent codes, adding to the initial cost of a reroof considerably
We’re keeping busy at WeatherSure, not only with our usual business of roofing and waterproofing services and helping managers budget for next years projects, but also with the various ways we help out in the community- one of the biggest is participation  in the Denver Metro BOMA Toy and Gift Drive- this year about 150 office buildings in the metro area are collecting toys, food, toiletries and other items for families in need, distributed through about 15 charities, with one of the biggest and highest profile being Father Woody’s Christmas, and if you don’t know about “Father Woody”, here’s a brief history from their website:
Before anyone cared about the homeless, Monsignor Charles Woodrich known as Father Woody, became the voice and champion of the homeless.  His story began almost 40 years ago in one of those cold Colorado winter days when Father Woody wondered aloud, what would become of the homeless? Where would they seek shelter?

He decided to open the doors of his parish, downtown Denver’s landmark church, Holy Ghost.  To the dismay of many of the parishioners, for weeks, hundreds of homeless sought shelter at the parish. It was the only roof they had over their heads during the cold winter nights.  It was through that experience that he created one of Colorado’s largest homeless shelters, the Samaritan Shelter at 23rd and Lawrence.
The Father Woody’s Christmas Party hosts thousands of kids and families, providing a nice dinner and gifts for many who would otherwise face a bleak Christmas Season- last year, the Denver Metro BOMA Toy Drive collected about 20,000 toys and essential items, and we’re hoping for an even bigger response this year- and from the WeatherSure family to yours, here’s wishing you a great Holiday Season and a great 2013!