What's Happening at WeatherSure - February 2012

Taking a run at Red Rocks Amphitheater after the record breaking February 2012 snowstorm.February- the shortest month, even with Leap Year, and one of the most interesting weather months here along the Front Range.  Bucking the trend of the last few years, we’ve already had a typical “Spring Storm” according to the National Weather Service.  While the Ski Towns west of the Divide are still hurting for snow, the Front Range has had a one-two punch of the fresh and fluffy stuff. 
What we are experiencing is typical of the La Nina pattern, which is the opposite of the El Nino pattern- to greatly simplify, with El Nino, warmer water “piles up” in the eastern Pacific north of the equator, and delights skiers with epic mountain snowfall while leaving us on the east side of the Divide high and dry, and La Nina reverses the situation- the warmer water piles up on the west side of the Pacific, and that typically trends towards less snow in the mountains and more for the plains and Front Range cities.  Of course, the average property manager is much more concerned with the local impact on operations than on global weather trends and patterns- the NWS is predicting close to normal temperatures and precipitation through April- and as any long term resident can tell you, that means our snowiest month (March) is still ahead, along with lots of warm days and blue skies- and now is the perfect time to schedule those building envelope maintenance projects that keep getting put off.  At WeatherSure, every project is completely watertight at the end of each day, one of the many advantages of dealing with a company that specializes in restoration not new construction- call WeatherSure today and one of our Project Managers can help you reduce energy costs and tenant complaints associated with your leaky building envelope! 
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