What’s Happening at WeatherSure - June 2012

Memorial Day is past and it really feels like summer, although the official start of summer is a few weeks away- “solstice” is Latin for “suns stands still”- as the days get longer and the sun is higher in the sky, the sun seems, at least, to stand still.  In Shakespeare’s England, the solstice was called “Midsummer”, although we now consider it the beginning of the season.  June remains a popular month for weddings because the Druids celebrated the Solstice as a “Wedding of Heaven and Earth”. For ancient peoples who worshipped the sun, the solstice was a time of great power and magic- temples were built by the Egyptians and others that featured altars only illuminated by the rays of the sun on the solstice, and pagans in northern Europe believed that it was also a time when evil spirits appeared, and wore charms of St. John’s Wart to fend off bad vibes.  Today the day is still celebrated around the world, with the most famous celebration occurring at Stonehenge is southern England – how will you celebrate this summer season? 

At WeatherSure, this marks the beginning of the busiest time of the year, as our crews start projects spread out across Colorado and Wyoming, we have a lot of school reroofing projects this year and they all have to be completed during the summer vacation period.  The long days allow the crews to get an early start, beating both the heat of midafternoon and the scattered afternoon thunder boomers that typically form during the summer months along the Front Range- every project has to be watertight each night.