What’s Happening at WeatherSure - August 2012

What a summer! The hottest June in Denver history, twice touching the all time “high” of 105 degrees, the hottest July in Denver history, a terrible early summer wildfire season, and on track for the most days over 90 degrees in a summer! Wow- it’s a good thing that the high country is only a short drive away for those days when you need some serious fresh, cool air!  

WeatherSure is proud to have been selected as the contractor to replace the roof system on the Pike’s Peak Visitor Center, on the summit of “America’s Mountain” , Pike’s Peak, a mountain who’s namesake, Zebulon Pike, thought would never be climbed, let alone raced up in less than 10 minutes! We’ll be starting up there shortly after the completion of the 2012 Pike’s Peak Hill Climb race on August 12th.

At WeatherSure, we are proud to be the contractor selected for the most difficult and unusual projects around, whether high rises with limited access, unusual architectural details, or located on top of a Fourteener, WeatherSure delivers!