Upcoming Webinar - Green Roofs: A Sustainable Strategy




Date: February 19, 2013
Time: 2 p.m. EST (convert to your time zone) 
Location: Click here to enter (mobile ready!)
Explore the opportunities associated with green roof systems including the types, benefits, components and related standards, as well as a discussion on how green roofs mitigate urban heat island effect and reduce stormwater run-off.
Learning Objectives:
  • List and define the types/components of green roofs, as well as the environmental, technical, and owner/occupant benefits of green roofs
  • Describe how green roofs reduce stormwater run-off, dust/smog levels, and reoxygenate the air
  • Explain how green roofs extend the life of the roof while providing a natural habitat for plants and animals
  • Explain the design considerations and standards relating to green roofs.
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