What's Happening at WeatherSure: New Ownership.

WeatherSure Systems, Inc, has entered a new era under the ownership of Phil Owens and Barry Hamilton after purchasing the company from the company’s founder, Craig Garey.

Phil Owens, who assumed the title of President and will be running the day-to-day operations, has an extensive background in both the roofing/waterproofing arena and property management, having grown up in the roofing business and previously served as National Sales Manager at WeatherSure Systems.

Barry Hamilton has extensive experience as a real estate investor, owning and managing over 200,000 sf of Denver area real estate, as well as being founder and president of Red Canyon Engineering, an aerospace firm creating software for NASA, Lockheed Martin and others exploring the final frontier.

Everyone at WeatherSure wishes Craig Garey, who founded WeatherSure 19 years ago and has worked tirelessly to create a world class company known for quality workmanship and the highest standards of integrity, success in whatever future endeavors he may choose.