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Stick with a reputable, established contractor!

Yes, it’s that time of year- when the world’s easiest news story is about some roofer ripping people off. This time the market hasn't been overrun with out-of-town storm chasers, since we haven't had any major hailstorms here, all those guys are busy elsewhere, but there’s still plenty of home-grown scam artists taking advantage of consumers. Not only is it a bad idea to pay up front before any work is done, make sure you get a lien release from the supplier before paying after the job, to make sure that your contractor has paid for the materials….best advice is to stick with a reputable, established contractor!

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What's Happening at WeatherSure - January 2012

Looking at the roof of Denver Place. WeatherSure replaced the roof on this high-rise Denver landmark.As we say goodbye to 2011 and meet 2012, warm weather is quickly melting away our White Christmas.  One of my favorite things about the Holiday Season is that it also marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest daylight of the year (in the northern hemisphere). Although it’s not too noticeable yet, there’s something pleasing in the knowledge that we are indeed working our way back towards the long days of summer.  Many people are surprised to find out that WeatherSure operates year round, only somewhat hampered by winter weather and shorter work days. There are, of course, some days where only critical repairs can even be attempted, and our reroof and waterproofing crews are idled, but if you’ve lived along the Front Range for very long, you know the only constant is how fast the weather changes- January is actually the driest month of the year in Denver, and the average high temperature is in the mid 40’s- lots of great working weather.  And, best of all for our customers, buying roofing and waterproofing work in the early part of the year is like buying ski gear in the summer- there’s lots of great deals!


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