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What’s Happening at WeatherSure - September 2011

Isn’t Colorado weather the greatest?  Just when everyone was wondering if the scorching hot weather of August- the hottest August in recorded Denver weather history- would go on forever, the calendar flipped to September and it was all of a sudden sweater weather.  Just a reminder, though, there’s still plenty of warm, blue sky days for addressing those building envelope issues that you’ve been putting off.

Now is a great time to think about what condition that parking garage is in going into the winter months!  Winter takes a heavy toll on a typical parking structure, snow is tracked in even on the normally protected levels, mag chloride and other snow melt products accelerate corrosion and deterioration of the concrete, snow plows tear up expansion and caulk joints, and the freeze-thaw cycle means that the whole structure is moving more than in warmer months.  Call today and have WeatherSure Systems evaluate your garage, and put together a long term comprehensive plan to protect and preserve your important asset!

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