24/7 Emergency Response

WeatherSure can address problems throughout the entire building envelope. From the roof to walls, windows, plaza decks, planters and other sources of leaks, our trained experienced professionals are equipped and ready to respond quickly. Call us when the storm hits!

The WeatherSure Service Department works in 2-person teams for safety and efficiency, operating from trucks fully equipped with all repair materials required for any type of roof. Each truck is also outfitted with equipment for:

  • Clearing Snow
  • Job Clean-up
  • Worker Safety - Fall Protection
  • Public Safety - Barricades, cones and warning signs

Team members are fully trained in the application of all types of roofing systems. They attend periodic safety training, are uniformed and bilingual. They'll always check in with the building’s occupants when they arrive, and document existing conditions and the extent of repairs with photographs.

All “leak type” service calls are followed up with an inspection and evaluation by an additional team member who determines if the repair was successful. They will also inspect the entire area to determine if additional work is required to maintain leak free status. Billing always includes photos showing the problem areas before and after repairs. 

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