Griffis/Blessing - Double Roof Project

Recently I chose to use an alternative roofing contractor.  After discussing the issue with some of my colleagues, Kevin Keyes at WeatherSure was given to me.  I then contacted Kevin to obtain competitive bids on 2 building re-roofs.  WeatherSure came in with the winning bid and were awarded the jobs.  The roofers were sent out and before long, both roofs were completed.  The owners were impressed with the workmanship and I with their timeliness in completing the jobs. 

In addition to new roofs, I have now been contacting Kevin for roof repairs to other properties.  Not only is their response time faster than half of the other contractors I have used, but they have fixed leaks that have failed to be fixed before.  In addition, their billing breaks down what repairs were done and pictures are used if necessary.  This is a greet help in explaining to tenants that their leaks have been repaired. 

I would recommend WeatherSure time and time again, and have done so.  Thanks Kevin and to your crew.

Karen L. Tracy
Griffis/Blessing, Inc. 
Colorado Springs, CO