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Yes, it’s that time of year- when the world’s easiest news story is about some roofer ripping people off. This time the market hasn't been overrun with out-of-town storm chasers, since we haven't had any major hailstorms here, all those guys are busy elsewhere, but there’s still plenty of home-grown scam artists taking advantage of consumers. Not only is it a bad idea to pay up front before any work is done, make sure you get a lien release from the supplier before paying after the job, to make sure that your contractor has paid for the materials….best advice is to stick with a reputable, established contractor!

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El Niño and the Monsoon

We are entering monsoon season in Colorado, a time when a seasonal wind shift brings moisture up from the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, sometimes a little moisture, and sometimes a lot- monsoonal flow created the extreme rainy weather of September 2013, causing some of the worst flooding in the history of the state.  On July 31,1976, a storm dumped huge amounts of rain in the Foothills and created a flash flood in Big Thompson canyon, killing 144 people. 

The increasing probability of a moderate to strong El Niño emerged in late winter and early spring 2014. In fact, recent observations (as of June 12, 2014) of sub-surface ocean waters in the equatorial Pacific region show a massive volume of anomalously warm water several hundred feet below the ocean surface. Very similar conditions were observed in Spring/early summer 1997, which resulted in the warmest/strongest El Niño on record.

Historically, moderate to strong El Niño episodes have featured a slightly increased frequency of occurrence of above normal precipitation during November-December. For the January-March period they have featured above normal precipitation (generally 110% to 140% of normal) over the eastern half of the state.

This year an El Niño cycle, which pushes coastal moisture over the mountains, will add more water to what might be an already robust monsoon, said Mike Baker, a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Boulder.

"We always see the monsoon and it comes in different flavors and strengths," he said on Tuesday. "We may be dealing with an enhanced monsoon."

For the first time in years, much of the state has been free of drought for months, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. The monsoonal rains should add to the state's already full reservoirs and high-flowing rivers.

"Once it gets going in the next couple of weeks when the high pressure shifts, we'll be under the gun and will get our fair share of rain," Baker said.

For regular readers, you know this is where I expound on the wisdom of calling WeatherSure sooner rather than later, and making sure the “enhanced monsoon” doesn't create any property management disasters, huge headaches or angry tenants- just remember, for those who have planned ahead and taken care of building envelope maintenance, the rain is a welcome thing in this dry part of the world. 

Do you know your roofer?

After big hail storms in Colorado, many fraudulent roofers descend on the damaged neighborhoods knocking on doors looking for trusting homeowners. Make sure you can trust your choice of roofing repair contractors. 

WeatherSure Systems is a name you can trust. Call us and we'll recommend a local residential contractor you can trust.

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What’s Happening at WeatherSure December 2013

1st day of school (1).jpg

Even though it’s December, everyone at WeatherSure is busy, with roofing and waterproofing crews working, weather permitting, as far away as Nebraska, and project managers putting together reports and proposals for 2014 and, as always, a flurry of year end projects.

One of the most exciting things is our new English program, where the goal is to help our native Spanish speaking employees improve their English skills.

We've hired an English teacher, John Remenar, who has recently returned from a stint in Chile teaching English to business executives, set up a classroom and we've had a great response, with classes twice a week. So far, turnout has been impressive, although several people who expressed interest have been working on out of town projects and have been unable to attend.  We hope to expand the program to include spouses and other family members, as well as start a Spanish program to help our native English speakers improve their Spanish skills.  It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm as the students work on expanding their skill level in what must be a difficult language to learn.

Once again, WeatherSure is also actively involved in the Denver Metro BOMA Holiday Toy Drive, where the community comes together to provide over 20,000 toys and other items for families in need. Last year we had over 130 office buildings place collection boxes in their lobbies, with more than a dozen charities receiving the gifts. Watch for Santa at your building, picking up the collected toys on December 12th & 19th. If you’re building isn’t participating and would like to, contact Dave Homerding at 303.781.5454 or

Watch for lots of exciting news as we enter 2014, WeatherSure will be gearing up with new technology to better serve our customers, and, as usual, striving to exceed all expectations as building owners and managers take care of routine building envelope maintenance, catch up with projects that may have been postponed, and help plan for the future.

From everyone at WeatherSure, have a great and safe Holiday Season and a terrific New Year.

A word of thanks….

Photo from Denver Post

Photo from Denver Post

The rain and flood event that we've experienced this month is of historic proportions, creating damage exceeding all previous flood events in our state’s history.  Thousands have lost their homes and businesses, and it will take years to rebuild the infrastructure lost in a few days.

A rain event of this magnitude occurs so rarely that no one can be totally prepared for the consequences, property manager, building owner, or the best-in-the-industry Service Department at WeatherSure.  The volume of service calls even exceeded those in the wake of the March 2003 snowstorm.  After the 2003 Snow, WeatherSure pioneered what we call “Storm Surge” mode, where all available company resourced are shifted to emergency leak repair calls for as long as necessary.

Unfortunately, even with 20 Service Crews working at a fever pitch, it take’s time to handle over 600 Service Requests, with priority going to those whose business operations have had to be suspended because of the leaks.  Everyone at WeatherSure would like to thank all of our customers for your patience and understanding; we all know it can be very difficult dealing with water infiltration damage and the complaints from tenants and employees who have been inconvenienced by roof, wall and window leaks in their workspaces.  Again, thank you for your continued support and understanding.

WeatherSure Goes Into Storm Surge Mode After Historic Rains Soak the Colorado Front Range.

US 36 between Lyons and Estes Park, CO

US 36 between Lyons and Estes Park, CO

September is the driest and sunniest month in Denver- usually.  The monsoon flow of moisture from the Southwest is usually a welcome respite from a hot, dry summer, and has normally faded away by mid-September.  This year, a combination of moisture laden air and a stationary front created conditions rarely seen.  After almost a week of heavy rains, rainfall topped the precipitation totals for all of 2012, a very dry year.  Seasonal streams, usually dry in September, roared downhill with a vengeance. 

And, of course, roofs that hadn’t leaked previously started leaking, roofs that had had minor issues now had major problems, and the Service Department at WeatherSure went into “Storm Surge” mode, using every available resource to field 20 repair crews, tackling over 600 calls for roof leak service. 

Although after a storm event like this, some surprises are inevitable, many of these issues had already been identified by WeatherSure and remedies proposed. Every property manager has to balance the maintenance requirements of a property and the available budgets, and several years of drought conditions have many pushing roof and building envelope repairs to the “back burner”.  The good news is that WeatherSure stands ready to assist property managers and building owners with prioritized maintenance plans, budgets and preventative measures to insure that their valuable assets stay weathertight during the next “storm of the century”.

Call WeatherSure Systems today for a free consultation at (303) 781-5454, or email us here.

What's Happening at WeatherSure: New Ownership.

WeatherSure Systems, Inc, has entered a new era under the ownership of Phil Owens and Barry Hamilton after purchasing the company from the company’s founder, Craig Garey.

Phil Owens, who assumed the title of President and will be running the day-to-day operations, has an extensive background in both the roofing/waterproofing arena and property management, having grown up in the roofing business and previously served as National Sales Manager at WeatherSure Systems.

Barry Hamilton has extensive experience as a real estate investor, owning and managing over 200,000 sf of Denver area real estate, as well as being founder and president of Red Canyon Engineering, an aerospace firm creating software for NASA, Lockheed Martin and others exploring the final frontier.

Everyone at WeatherSure wishes Craig Garey, who founded WeatherSure 19 years ago and has worked tirelessly to create a world class company known for quality workmanship and the highest standards of integrity, success in whatever future endeavors he may choose.